Life coach is a life altering partnership that helps people reach to their full and bright potential. Its not wrong to have a life coach. And it is indeed becoming very recommendable to everyone. Though people are still very confused about life coaches and counselling. So, the main difference between the two is counselling helps you with major life crisis like depression, divorce etc.

But life coach helps you to realise your goals, dreams or ambitions in life, like getting a job, or a promotion or enrolling yourself in a weight loss programme. And most importantly the premise and the process of the whole practice with the life coach is different to one another and depends upon each individual on how the process would help them. Getting a life coach is easy nowadays. Essentialise is a very good example of a life coach company.


So basically, companies like Essentialise will help you:

  • Find Your Purpose in Life – Everyone has their own dreams and desires. To achieve them it might be a long way and that could be the reason that it stayed as a desire and not a start of something. So, a life coach nudges the desire or dream and pushes you towards it.
  • Unveiling the answers from within – Everyone comes to a point in life when they doubt themselves and they question their own integrity of life. So, the answers are always within them, only if they could analyse themselves better. That help or push is given by life coaches.
  • Develop improvement steps – The life coach would walk along with you through all the steps toward your goal and that itself is a motivation for you.
  • Set and achieve goals with someone who is holding you accountable – Someone who holds you accountable gives you a motivation that you’re going to take care of yourself no matter you get any help or not.
  • Push you to do more than only think– Its all about pushing yourself towards the goal rather than talking about it and wasting on time. So the push or boost needed to go ahead and not stay stuck in the house of thoughts.

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