badminton shoes

There are numerous options available in the market but it’s possible that some of them don’t deliver the best quality. You need to research, check different brands if you can go for wear test also as it is important to be sure and have a quality check before you do your invest in badminton shoes.

badminton shoes

  Badminton shoes are mainly referred to non-marking shoes and to test non-marking shoes you should try by making an indentation in the shoe’s sole with the nails and if that dent is recovered quickly that means they have a soft sole and the non-marking shoes.

Another easy way to test them is take any paper, preferably a white paper for testing and rub the sole on the white paper for some short period of span then check if the paper has some scuff mark of the shoe and if not, then the pair of shoes is right because non-marking shoes leave visible lines or no marks on the paper or floor.

badminton shoes
  • Always remember different sports have various non-marking shoes. Non-marking shoes not only protect the floor from the scratch marks but they are designed differently for every indoor sport as different sports have different demands so choose your particular pair of shoes for your particular sports.
  • Badminton non-marking shoes – Nowadays people are playing sports, practicing the habit and hobby daily as along with that shoe manufacturing and respective technology is also developing rapidly. So, we can say that we and technology have come a long way now and to enjoy our interest in badminton.

Badminton shoes will give you the essential court positioning, good speed without a single thought of slipping and a finely tuned skilful sense.

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