How to determine a fraud immigration consultant?

How to determine a fraud immigration consultant

There are a lot of immigration consultants out there that are fraud or scam. They don’t have a proper team set up, which is suspicious about them. By following some tricks, one can determine the difference between a reliable and scam immigration consultant.

Strange E-mail address: An authentic immigration agency never uses the strange E-mail address. Whenever you get an email from such kind of email addresses think before open it because they may be sent from the hackers or scams due to which your personal information and data may be on risk. An authentic consultancy agency always uses a specific domain related email address.

Whatsapp payments: A reputable immigration consultancy agency will never ask you to process your application via Whatsapp or any other payments through the chat app. They always have an official website where you can register yourself and then immigration consultants get your application. Reliable consultant companies always have an official company bank account where they deal with their payments and funds.

Watch for red flags: If a consultant asks for the payment of the first meeting and pressurize you to work with them, then it may be a red flag. If a consultant doesn’t charge anything for the consultation and you feel comfortable to discuss about your wealth, your family and your occupation, it means he is professional. You feel free to work with that consultant and the whole team.

Well defined documentation process: In the immigration process, you have to sign various documents for the further process. Reliable immigration consultants always provide you with the copy of documents you have signed. But in case of the fraud consultants, they will not give you any copy of the documents. So beware from such fraud or scam consultants.

Beware of agents who offer job guarantee: The consultants who offer you the placements and job opportunities in the other country where you want to migrate are always scam. Try to stay away from such consultants who want to trap and attract you by offering job opportunities. Poor website content: A website represents the company in all the way. A reputed consultant agency maintains its website and uploads all the descriptive information about the company. Authentic website provides you the information about the packages of the company, services offered, contact details and all the terms and policies. If a website doesn’t contain this kind of content then it may be a scam or fraud.