When you are a Summoners War player, you need to know everything about the monsters, which are significant elements of this game. The acquiring and making the appropriate use of various monsters is a crucial factor for a progressive game. The list of SW monsters is too big to discuss, but you can get more information on each monster on some online guide.

Building SW Fran

SW Fran (Light Fairy Queen) is one of the best “Free to Play” (F2P) monsters; you can get her by buying her with Ancient Coins from events. The most critical is how to build or rune the monster. The Swift build is useful for having her move first and buff up 2-turn Immunity and ATK buff for your team. You want the Light Fairy Queen (Fran) to be on high Speed with good Attack (ATK), Health Points (HP), and Def stats. Trying some workable precision on her building is also not bad. You can find some good YouTube videos to understand the right process of Fran farming. 

SW Fran 

Value of SW Fran

SW Fran really has no place in Arena offense or defense, but is pretty good for some of the Rift Beasts and can be used as an R5 healer. Fran shines in plyer vs. Player (PvP) content, and her ATK power buff and Immunity is excellent for some Guild Wars offense comps. Fran is excellent for NB10 (Speed Team), Dimensional Hole, Guild Wars, and Real-Time Attack (RTA).

Getting SW Fran

You can get SW Fran through a reward from a special event and an ancient coin magic shop. Summoners War holds special events where you can complete missions of your choice to get various rewards. The details of these events are published online from time to time. The tasks let you achieve rewards and bonus rewards. The Ancient Magic Shop is where players can spend Ancient Coins (earned in the game events) on various items. 

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