Woman covering breasts with her handsThere are many women who want firm breasts or perhaps looking for a way to increase their size without surgery, there are several ways to achieve it with healthy and risk-free methods. Every day I get requests asking about Brestrogen, most of the information on the Internet about this product is in English, however Brestrogen is sent anywhere in the world including Mexico and Spain. Although my Spanish is bad I decided to elaborate a little on the benefits of this firming cream that has benefits of increasing the bust size.


Implants can have certain risks, and in many cases they can cause Brestrogen Creamsecondary problems, for example they can break or move from position, another problem that women may have is that although doctors say that implants can last ten years many do not manage to last Not even the five.

Brestrogen is a 100% natural cream designed specifically for women who want to increase the size of their bust up to 2 sizes without risk, apart from Brestrogen has many benefits to reaffirm the breasts and can even help women suffering from sagging breasts, this can be due to pregnancy or the normal aging process.

The benefits of using Brestrogen are:

It has no secondary risks

Eliminates the risks of surgery

Increase your breasts up to 2 sizes

Lift and firm the breasts

100% natural

Easy to use, only Brestrogen is applied twice a day, morning and night

How does Brestrogen work?

Brestrogen contains a natural herb called Pueraria Mirifica that comes from Breast with lactating ductsThailand, this herb has been considered a youth tonic, and aparate is used to increase the bust, Pueraria Mirifica contains what is called phytoestrogenic. Phytogenic estrogens are found in vegetables and are very similar to human estrogens. You can consume certain vegetables and grains but the estrogenic benefits are minimal, however Pueraria Mirifica has a high concentration of phytoestrogenic that stimulates breast growth.

The way Brestrogen works is very simple, it stimulates blood flow to the breasts and also stimulates the milk ducts that are under the breast making the bust larger. To increase the bust a larger size takes between 6 and 7 weeks, to increase your bust up to 2 sizes it is recommended to use Brestrogen between 5 and 6 months.

Brestrogen is a 100% natural product, it comes with a 45-day warranty that says a lot about the product. Brestrogen has more than two years in the market and remains one of the healthiest and most natural methods to increase bust.


Who can use Brestrogen?

Bust Augmentation With BrestrogenBrestrogen is recommended for women over 18, its use is not recommended for pregnant women. Another question that women ask about Brestrogen is, what happens when I stop using the product, that is a very valid question. The growth you get with Brestrogen is real, even most women maintain 88% to 97% of their size after discontinuing use. However you can reduce its use to 2 times per week to maintain volume.

Women with large breasts can also benefit from Brestrogen, in many cases women who have a lot of volume tend to suffer from sagging breasts in this case Brestrogen can help lift them and reaffirm them.

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